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Affinities Interest

Returns the interests data of the insight.

Getting Started


Can send a default baseline.
Available types: global, global_males, global_females, usa, usa_males, usa_females,UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or any other insight hash.
If no baseline is specified, it defaults to global.

Limit: 100 is default, max is 1000

Sort: value, index, similarity, name

Sort_idx: Which insights report to sort by

Dir: sort direction, 'asc' or 'desc'; the default direction when the dir parameter is missing depends on the sort parameter: it's desc for sort={value,index,similarity} and asc for sort=name

index_min: minimum index

index_max: maximum index

value_min: minimum index

value_max: maximum index

Successful return

return response example
"information": {
"version": "string"
"response": {
"id": 0,
"status": "running"